Framing Rate: Anywhere from 120 to 12,000 fps
Film Length: 89.568" 120 frames (5 sec. at 24 fps)
Maximum T-number: t4
Maximum F-number: f2.8
Maximum shutter angle: 85 deg.
Resolution: 80 lp/mm
Exposure Format: Full Format 35mm (0.981 in. x 0.735 in)
Film Stock: No restrictions
Objective Lens Mount: Arriflex PL, Panavision PV, or Nikon
Video Tap: C-mount, 2/3" chip
10% Pellicle mirror for continuous video recording
Size: 35" H x 32" W x 24" L
Weight: 250 lbs.
Height of Objective Axis: 7.25"
Power Requirement: 110VAC, 15 amps